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Sign Now To Support Legal Personhood & Designate Whales As Ocean Ambassadors To The United Nations

"Whales are in trouble and need our help.  In 1986, the International Whaling Commission (IWC) banned the hunting of all whale species (except minke whales) by factory ships and many of the species began to rebound. Sadly, several whales species are, again, in huge decline due to other forms of human induced whaling like ship strikes, fishing gear entanglement, and plastic ingestion.

Blue whale with swimmer

Granting legal personhood to living creatures & natural entities is a protective tool. Personhood grants certain rights under the law. This designation also allows individuals to stand up for the rights of nature and thereby grants ongoing legal representation to the voiceless.

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The Wild Earth Oceania screening of Collision kicked off the 2023 UN Climate Week NYC spotlighting the devastation of whales from ship strikes. United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) marks a historic moment as the indigenous Māori King and Māori Pacific leaders call on the world to give whales legal personhood. Also recognizing that whales are vital to ocean and human health, Ralph Chami, CEO of Blue Green Future, LLC  calls to designate whales as Ocean Ambassadors to the United Nations (UN).

Corporations have personhood so should nature. The connection to the earth and subsequent common-sense practices carried out by indigenous people around the world are to be heeded. The Māori King and Māori Pacific leaders now call on us to help give whales legal protection.

By giving whales Ocean Ambassadorship, she gains the right to life, autonomy, and the right to move safely across the oceans. Whales need to gain personhood that legally binds all nations to protect them from harm.

Why this distinction for the whales?

According to National Geographic, whales are one of our greatest allies in fighting climate change, aiding in carbon exchange, storing vast amounts of carbon in their bodies, increasing the production of krill, fostering fish stocks that provide protein for 3 billion people annually, and securing the health of the ocean for all humanity. Whale poop fertilizes phytoplankton, the food source for the entire marine food web that also produces 50% of the world’s oxygen supply and absorbs an estimated 40% of all carbon dioxide produced. That’s four times the amount captured by the Amazon rainforest. (National Geographic September 24, 2019) Hence, whales contribute to every second breath you take-no matter where you live.

By signing this petition you join the call for whales to be granted personhood and appointed Ocean Ambassadors to the United Nations."

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