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EIDM, La Paz | Live Presentation | Whale Guardians™

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

"After going to the Atacama desert in Chile for the Whale Guardians™ Reroutring Document Implementation Ceremony in Mejillones Chile, I raced up to Baja California (getting a spectacular view of the high Andes and the Panama Canal en route) for the Encuentro International De Mares Summit (EIDM) in La Paz.

This giant marine reserve wrapping all around the southern half of the Baja Peninsula has a very well-planned design spearheaded by our dear friends at Beta Diversidad,

but has yet to be officially proposed to the Mexican government.

Link to my live presentation at the conference HERE

The EIDM summit consisted of people from all over Latin America and beyond including large foundations, prominent scientists, marine activists, government officials from Mexico, leaders from the Baja fishing community, and prominent business people also primarily from Mexico.

In the clear context of supporting the creation of the reserve it was a great opportunity to present our work, network, and connect with others who are now aware of the Whale Guardians™ Program and expressed great interest in having us partner with them to create Whale Guardians™ Rerouting Documents.

It seems almost everyone is now aware of regions in their countries where whales and ships share the waters in space and time, and that without intervention the result is always a tragic one for the whales, with lives lost unnecessarily.

Squeezed in one whale survey flight with dear friend Siddharta on his very light and open seaplane.

We are family! Here with Cristina Mittermeier of Sea Legacy and GWC advisor Max Bello of Mission Blue.

More family - Here with new friend Diana Friedrich of Fundacion Rewilding Argentina.

The end of the La Paz Summit - with many but not all key participants.

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