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Michael Fishbach is the founder & Executive Director of the Great Whale Conservancy and has over 25  years and 10,000 hours conducting field work on great whales.

Michael Fishbach

Michael Fishbach has been studying and working to protect blue and other large whales since the early 1990's. Michael’s early career took him around the world as professional tennis player on the international tennis circuit.  He was once rated top twenty in doubles in the world. He founded Vermont hiking tours and lead tours around the world and he eventually sold the company to Vermont Biking tours. Soon after he began studying Beluga whales with a research group called GREMM from Toudassac on the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and working as a boat driver. That work lead him to a position studying Blue whales with Richard Sears at the Mingan Island Cetacean Study in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. Michael has been leading eco-tour research trips during January to March to the Sea of Cortez to study Blue Whales for twenty years. Michael co-founded the Great Whale Conservancy (GWC) in 2010, a 501c3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the recovery of the great whales by stopping unintentional whale deaths caused by current marine shipping and traffic. Michael believes that ship strikes are the most urgent threat to large whales, and that sensible solutions do exist to reduce whale mortality. Cooperating directly with the shipping industry, regulatory bodies, government officials, NGO's, port authorities, whale biologists and business retailers is one of the foundational roles he plays at GWC. As we have come to understand the contribution large whales make to oceanic primary production, tourism, and our fight against climate upheaval, stopping ship strikes has become critically important. StrikeMaps is an essential, informative, and revolutionary tool that will help to change the way marine traffic operates in global oceanic habitats. Encouraging the business sector to operate in a "Whale Safe" manner is Michael Fishbach’s goal, such that whales and human can co-exist in a healthy biosphere for many generations to come.

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