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Whale Guardians™ community leaders

What does it mean to be a Community Leader with Whale Guardians™?

Become a Whale Guardians™ Community Leader

Awareness of the global ship strike issue threatening the planet’s endangered great whales can be spread in so many ways. That’s the primary purpose of the Whale Guardians™ Community.

Being a WG™ Community Leader means you collaborate directly with our team to create engaging &  impactful content, social media posts, or products to help spread that awareness & build the WG™ Community!

Some collaboration examples might be:


- Merchandise / Apparel 

- Social media story/post/reel

- Video Content or Series

- Live events

- & much more!

As an official WG™ Community Leader, you get to take an active role in doing something truly amazing & terribly important.

While our team is taking action every day to exponentially increase the impact this program can make in the future, WG™ is already preventing ship strikes and saving whale lives TODAY across the globe.

Here is what it comes down to - The faster we grow our community, the faster we can save more critically endangered whale lives.

Your help as a Community Leader is incredibly important in boosting the greater public voice and awareness for both the ship strike crises and the Whale Guardians™ actionable solutions.

Do you want to join this global community? Position yourself or your brand on the cutting edge of global conservation initiatives that halt unintentional vessel strikes on whales through data, community, and collaboration.

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